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Service Policy

ARI is committed to providing efficient support to all distributors or customers. We strive to address every requirement of our customers. With a team of experienced engineers, we have the capability and responsibility to offer precise and direct support for each service request. More detailed information about our service policy is as follows:


After-sales Customer Service Process:


1. Receive customer feedback.
2. Provide a preliminary response to the customer within 24 hours, requesting detailed information about the product, including the serial number, model, version of the main unit, and specific feedback or question.
3. Provide professional solutions based on feedback. If required, the faulty part of the product should be returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Shipping costs will depend on various factors, such as whether the product is within its warranty period.
4. Solicit customer feedback post-service.
5. Document the entire process for record-keeping.


Freight Policy:


1. Within Warranty: The customer is responsible for freight and insurance charges when the equipment is shipped to ARI for service, including customs charges. ARI bears the freight and insurance charges from ARI to the customer.
2. After Warranty: The customer is responsible for freight, insurance, and any other charges for returned product.


Technical Training:


1. ARI offers customers free technical training within China, covering equipment installation, operation, and general maintenance. Upon completion of the training course, we issue training certificates to the technical staff.
2. ARI provides free technical support via email, fax, or telephone at any time.
3. Based on specific order requirements, we can dispatch our technical staff to the customer’s location for onsite installation and training.