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The V-P800 measures the absorbance with the intuitive touch screen. It provides reliable and qualified results by the high quality photometer through the built-in powerful software.

By the big 7″ colorful touch screen, the user enjoys the intuitive operation on the system. And the visual user friendly interface with the logical workflow ensures the excellent usability, making it ideal for qualitative and quantitative ELISA applications in the research laboratories.

  1. Wide wavelength range of 340nm to 850nm
  2. Accurate:0-6 Abs absorption range
  3. 8filters wheel with three preset filters
  4. Fast reading of both 96 well and 384 well microplates
  5. Shaking and incubation from ART+4℃ to 50℃ for temperature critical assays
  6. Big 7″ colorful touch screen for intuitive operation
  7. Easy but powerful software with its logical workflow for universal usability
  8. High quality photodetector from Hamamastu
  9. USB port for easy data transfer



1.Scientific design of optical system to ensure the accurate measuring results

The optimum design and the verification of the optical path and circuit, meet the wide detection range from 340-850 mm wavelength. The detection results of each band are accurate and stable, applicable to a variety of rigorous applications.

2.The stable and reliable performance comes from the built-in self-diagnostic program of the machine

In the start-up stage,the built-in self-diagnostic program detects the position of the microplate,and the stability of optical components.

3.Large colorful LCD touch screen for easy use

7 inch colorful capacitive touch screen,can display more detection data.The large size icons realizes easy touch operation and reduces disoperation as much as possible.

There are three shortcuts to start the customized protocols with one-button start.

4.Powerful internal software

Functions include:

– Main:protocol,plate format,measurement,shaking,incubation

– Process:plate layout,preprocessing,calculation,interpretation,quality control

– Results:raw data,calculated results,calibration data,quality control,results in list format

– Settings:system,filters,printer,startup



– Immunoassays (ELISA)

– Protein assays:BCA,Lowry,Bradford

– endotoxins

– Cytotoxicity and proliferation assays

– Enzyme assays

– Growth curves

Technical Specifications





Plate type

96-well and 384-well plates (max height:15.3mm)

Light Source

Quartz-halogen lamp

Detector Type

Photo detector

Wavelength Selection

Filters (340-850mm)

Filters wheel

8 filters wheel;Filter installed:405nm,450nm,and 620nm. Additional filters can be ordered separately.

Optioanl filters


Half-bandwidth of filters



0-3 Abs,±2% at 405nm,96-well plate

0-2.5 Abs,±2% at 405nm,384-well plate

Read-out Range

0 to 6 Abs


0.001 Abs


±1% (0-3 Abs) or ±0.003 Abs,whichever is greater at 405nm


CV ≤ 0.2% (0.3-3 Abs) at 405nm


Linear shaking with three modes:slow,medium,fast

Measurement Speed

7 seconds,96-well plate,fast mode

13 seconds,96-well plate,normal mode

13 seconds,384-well plate,fast mode

34 seconds,384-well plate,normal mode

Optional incubator

Temperature range from ambient +4℃ up to 50℃


7″ colorful touch screen


USB port for data transfer,USB port for printer

External printer type




Power supply

100-240V(50/60HZ) with the adapter


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